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As Per The Information Furnished By The Ministry, The Institute Body Consists Of:
President Health Minister

The Vice-Chancellor Of The Delhi University, Ex-officio;

The Director General Of Health Services, Government Of India, Ex-officio;

The Director Of The Institute, Ex-officio;

2 Representatives Of The Central Government, From The Ministry Of Finance And Education;

5 Pers Incl One Non-medical Scientist, Rep Indian Sciences Congress Association, Nominated By Central Government;

4 Rep Of The Medical Faculties Of Indian Universities To Be Nominated By The Central Government As Per Rules; And

3 Members Of Parliament Of Whom Two Shall Be Elected From Among Themselves By The Members Of The House Of The People And One From Among Themselves By The Members Of The Council Of States
Section 14 Of The AIIMS Act, 1956 Provides As Under:

(a) Provide For Undergraduate And Post-graduate Teaching In The Science Of Modern Medicine And Other Allied Sciences,

(b) Provide Facilities For Research In The Various Branches Of Such Sciences;

(c) Provide For The Teaching Of Humanities In The Under Graduate Course;

(d) Conduct Experiments In New Methods Of Medical Education, Both Under Graduate And Post-graduate,

(e) Prescribe Courses And Curricula For Both Undergraduate And Postgraduate Studies; And.

(f) Notwithstanding Anything Contained In Any Other Law For The Time Being In Force, Establish And Maintain:

(i) One Or More Medical Colleges With Different Departments Including A Department Of Preventive And Social Medicine

(ii) One Or More Well-equipped Hospitals;

(iii) A Dental College With Such Institutional Facilities For The Practice Of Dentistry

(iv) A Nursing College Sufficiently Staffed And Equipped For The Training Of Nurses;

(v) Rural And Urban Health Organizations Which Will Form Centers For The Field Training

(vi)Other Institutions For The Training Of Different Types Of Health Workers, Such As Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists

(g) Train Teachers For The Different Medical Colleges In India.

(h) Hold Examinations And Grant Such Degrees, Diplomas And Other Academic Distinctions.

(i) Institute, And Appoint Persons To, Professorships, Readerships, Lectureships And Post Of Any Description

(j) Receive Grants From The Government And Gifts Donations, Bequests And Transfers Of Properties, Both Movable And Immovable

(k) Deal With Any Property Belonging To, Or Vested In The Institute In Any Manner Which Is Considered Necessary For Promoting The Objects Specified In Section 13.

(l) Demand And Receive Such Fees And Other Charges As May Be Prescribed By Regulations.

(m) Construct Quarters For Its Staff And Allot Such Quarters To The Staff In Accordance With Such Regulations

(n) Borrow Money With The Prior Approval Of The Central Government On The Security Of The Property Of The Institute.

(o) Do All Such Other Acts And Things As May Be Necessary To Further The Objects Specified In Section.