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Department ofDermatology

  1. Services Available in the department:
    1. Outpatients department:
    2. Which kinds of disorders are catered to in general OPD


  1. Skin Infections, Vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, acne, pigmentary disorders, drug reactions, photodermatoses, Hair nail and mucosal disorders,metabolic and nutritional disorders, Skin Malignancies, genetic disorders involving the skin, vascular disorders, dermatoses of pregnancy and neonate, sexually transmitted infections and HIV and Leprosy
  2. Specialty services

Day of Week/time

Specialty Clinic


Psoriasis/ vitiligo






Immunobullous disorders/Urticaria Clinic





    1. Proceduresoffered by the department:
      1. Intralesional injections, skin biopsies, electrocautery, radiofrequency ablation, chemical peeling and cautery, microneedling, platelet rich plasma therapy, mole excision, cyst excision, keloid surgeries, comedone extraction, corn enucleation, paring, cryosurgery, dermoscopy, trichoscopy, patch testing, wood’s lamp examination
      2. acne scar surgeries, nail surgeries, vitiligo surgeries, hair transplantation, keloid surgery, corn surgery


  1. Research in the department:
    1. Facilities available for the research
      1. Brief description – Department is equipped with radiofrequency ablation machine, electrocautery machine, hand held microscope


  1. Expansion planned for the future:

Whole body Phototherapy machine, IPL Lasers, hair transplant surgery, advanced vitiligo surgery , fillers and botox, flaps and grafts