Vision: Department of Biochemistry at AIIMS Bathinda was established in August 2019 with a vision to be recognized as a centre for excellence in Biochemistry that provides medical education and training in research to understand the role of fundamental principles of Biochemistry in human health and diseases and provide professional patient care at affordable cost with holistic approach.

Mission statement:

  • To prepare health care professionals with a sound knowledge in Medical Biochemistry which they can apply in their clinical practice & research
  • To provide an atmosphere of learning basic practical skills for biochemical investigations in order to support clinical diagnosis and management of medical disorders in the community
  • To provide medical laboratory testing services in accordance with the applicable standards to satisfy the expectation of patients
  • To promote clinical research among students and staff for continual improvement of quality of patient care


Services Available in the department:

OPD Diagnostic: The diagnostic laboratory of Department of Biochemistry at AIIMS Bathinda commenced its operations in the month of December, 2019. At present, the following diagnostic services are being offered in the laboratory:

        1. Blood glucose
        2. Liver function tests
        3. Kidney function tests
        4. Lipid profile
        5. Serum electrolytes
        6. Serum Calcium
        7. Serum Phosphorus
        8. Serum Amylase

These tests are based on spectrophotometry and are being carried out in a fully automated chemistry analyser, XL-1000 (Erba Mannheim).

Samples are collected/ received in Room No.5018in the OPD Building.

              Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Monday to Friday), 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Saturday)

Test reports: Test reports are available on Counter no.10 in the OPD reception area

Timing 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (All working days).

Turnaround time (TAT): 24 hours from the time of sample collection.

Quality control: The laboratory routinely follows Internal Quality Control (IQC) procedures to ensure quality reports.

Facilities available for research

Department of Biochemistry AIIMS Bathinda has well established laboratories with state of art research facilities. All faculties of the department are involved in active area of research like Stem Cells Biology, Cancer Signalling, HIV associated secondary complication, molecular genetics of congenital disorders, chronic pulmonary disorders. Therefore, to supplement research activitiesin area of Clinical Biochemistry, the departmentis equipped with most advance and sophisticated research instruments likeReal Time PCR,HPLC, CO2 incubator, BOD incubator, Bio-safety cabinets, Thermal Cyclers, Refrigerated centrifuges,Deep freezers (-80°C, -20°C), UV-Visible spectrophotometer, spectro-fluorometer,  Laminar air flow, Orbital shaker, Trans-illuminator, Complete Chromatographic Unit for paper & TLC, electrophoresis apparatus (paper and gel), multimode reader, Chemiluminescence & Gel imaging & analysis system, ELISA reader with washer and shaker, Nanospectro bio photometer, Flowcytometer, Lyphilizer, Western blot apparatus etc.,

Expansion planned for the future:

The Department envisages expanding the scope of diagnostic services to include:

        1. Chemistry tests – Lipase, Lactate, Ammonia
        2. Urine tests – microalbumin, calcium, phosphorus, glucose, electrolytes
        3. Cerebrospinal/Pleural fluid analysis – Glucose, Protein, Chloride, ADA
        4. Cardiac markers – LDH, CK-MB,CK-Total, Trop I/T, Myoglobin, NT-Pro BNP
        5. Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
        6. Hormone tests – Thyroid function tests, Parathyroid hormone,Testosterone, FSH, LH, Prolactin, Insulin, Cortisol
        7. Tumor markers – CEA, CA 19.9, CA125, CA 15.3, PSA,AFP
        8. Inflammatory markers – CRP, Procalcitonin, IL-6
        9. Other special tests – hsCRP, Lp(a)
        10. Maternal screening for chromosomal disorders – Double, Triple, Quadruple markers
        11. Nutritional Assays - Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate, Iron profile, Ferritin
        12. Coagulation markers- D-Dimer, Fibrin Degradation Products (FDP)

Further, the Department aims to provide24hour emergency lab services for patients admitted in wards and ICUs.

Quality control:The laboratory will enrol inExternal Quality Assurance (EQA)Programme by an accredited Proficiency testing provider for improved validation of testing services.

Accreditation: The Department is committed to get the laboratory services accredited by the National Accreditation Board for testing Laboratories (NABL)

Academics and teaching:

The Department envisages starting of academic courses such as MD and PhD in Biochemistry.Moreover,the Department plans to start undergraduate training program in Nursing and Medical laboratory technology (BSc.MLT). Further, the Department intends to provide short term training courses of Quality management in Clinical Biochemistry to medical laboratory professionals. In order to promote an atmosphere of continual learning, the Department will conduct symposia, workshops and conferences at national and global scale.


The department of Biochemistry is intended to establish interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment focused to understand thebiochemical aspect in relation with molecularand clinical aspectsof diseases and to develop interventional therapies. Department is also working in the direction to establish specialised centre for screening of congenital genetic inborn errors of metabolism and develop dedicated molecular biology laboratories. Faculties are also working to initiate various national and international collaborative research project in the department. Interested candidate with good academic profile are welcome to join as research fellow to get themselves enrol in the MD/PhD programme of the Institute.






Photo Name & Qualifications Designation Contact & Email

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Dr. Gitanjali
Professor & HOD

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Dr. Shilpa Jain

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Dr. Monica kakkar
Additional Professor

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Dr. Sanjay Kumar
PhD: AIIMS, Delhi Post-Doctorate: University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Post-Doctorate: University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA
Additional Professor 8800604323

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Dr. Himanshu Sharma
PhD Biochemistry: PGIMER Chandigarh. Post-Doctorate: University of Kansas Medical Center- USA
Associate Professor 9548027933

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Dr. Saket Sinha
MBBS, MD Biochemistry
Associate Professor 9312756660

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Dr. Rajani
MD, DNB -Biochemistry
Associate Professor 9999493126


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Expansion planned for the future: