General Surgery


Department of General Surgery helps the medical field by educating the medical students to understand the clinical aspects of the disease. Surgical clinics helps in diagnosis, and management of the ailment. The medics will be able to perform in all the rare and difficult circumstances.

The objectives of the department are to provide quality medical education and torefine undergraduate/postgraduate medical students to meet the country’s need for highly qualified doctors and medical teachers.The aim is to serve patient needs by setting up the surgical department with the advanced technologies to improve the results.

  1. Services Available in the department:
    1. Outpatients department:
      1. General OPD:
  • GI & HPB ailment
  • Breast & Thyroid diseases
  • Varicose vein problems
  • Lymphadenopathy/ surface swellings
  • Haemorrhoids/ Fissure
    1. Specialty Clinics/ services (Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic)


  1. Schedule- day and consultant wise


    1. Procedures (Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic) offered by the department:
      1. Any special procedures which are done in department in OPD or IPD basis
      2. We aimed to provide basic services with perfection and quality.
      3. Photographs of the instruments during the procedure


    1. Surgeries offered for the surgical departments
  • Trauma surgery/ Surgical Critical Care
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Endocrine surgery
  1. With clinical approach as per current guidelines, department of General Surgery has helped in making early and confirmed diagnosis.
  1. Expansion planned for the future:

Clinical Services:

    1. To provide disease oriented clinics.
    2. To begin day care surgeries.
    3. To get facility for intra-operative diagnosis (imprint cytology and frozen section).
    4. To set up a special endo training, suturing techniques, dressings and basic surgical procedures.
    5. To establish a specialized skill lab for high performance.
    6. To set up a comprehensive training programme for UG/ PG students.
    7. To participate in scientific programmes of NABL accredited laboratories and others.
  1. Academics and teaching:
    1. To start MS course, fellowship and certificate courses for the training ofSurgeons and technicians in various subspecialties of General Surgery.
    2. To teach medical students the basic understanding of disease and relate its importance with clinical findings through an integrated approach.
    3. To create research activities for medical students, residents and faculty.
    4. Research
  1. To contribute actively in translational and clinical research.
  2. To attend conferences, CME, workshops, refresher courses.
  3. Started National cancer registry programme& Hospital based cancer registries.


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Dr. Jaspreet Shergill
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OPD Schedule:

Consultants Day of Week
Dr. Jaspreet Shergill Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat


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Expansion planned for the future: