Surgical Gastroenterology

Vision statement:
To be the center of excellence and leaders in the field of gastrointestinal and hepato-pancreato-biliary (GI & HPB) sciences.

Mission statement:
We endeavor to offer clinical and technical skills of the highest standards at affordable prices to all strata of society alike. The department was established on the 7th of September 2021, with Dr. Gourav Kaushal joining as the first faculty. The department is currently offering OPD services and operative assistance to other departments. The procurement of advanced surgical equipment is underway and will soon be completed, following which routine surgeries will commence.

The department will offer complex abdominal surgeries with outcomes at par with the current international standards. Minimally invasive (laparoscopic/ robotic) surgery and Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers are two areas of particular emphasis for the department. The faculty is well versed in performing complex laparoscopic procedures; it is the preferred approach for most surgeries for non-cancerous and cancerous diseases. We intend to become a center of excellence for laparoscopic surgeries and promote safe laparoscopic surgery training among the surgeons in Punjab and adjoining states. The department will undertake capacity building and training of Surgeons in the adjoining areas to ensure safe surgical practices and timely referral of needy patients. Furthermore, the department will offer comprehensive care to patients with digestive diseases by providing integrated services from Surgical and Medical Gastroenterology, dietetics & nutrition, stoma care, and patient counseling.

The coveted Super-specialty course (M. Ch) in Surgical Gastroenterology is already proposed and will soon see the light of the day. In addition, many research projects have been submitted by the department. High-quality research and structured resident training program are the priority of the department.




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Dr. Gourav Kaushal
MBBS, M.S (General Surgery), M.Ch (Surgical Gastroenterology)
Associate Professor


Outpatient department (OPD): It is currently located in room no 1227, second floor, A block in the OPD building. The majority of the patients are referrals from the adjoining areas Punjab and other states. Complicated problems, either secondary to previous interventions or due to the disease's complex nature, constitute most patients coming to the OPD. Each patient is evaluated and counseled in detail by the faculty.

In-patient department:
The patients requiring admission will be admitted to the shared pool beds as per the Institute policy.

Services (Diagnostic and Therapeutic) offered by the department:



The department offers treatment for various diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract. Whenever indicated, surgeries are performed by laparoscopic techniques to expedite the patient's recovery and minimize post-operative discomfort. The department conducts complex Open/ laparoscopic surgeries. Surgeries are performed with state-of-the-art medical equipment like HD laparoscopic system, advanced vessel sealing devices (Harmonic, Ligasure), and ultrasonic liver dissection system. This advanced equipment promotes shorter surgical times, less blood loss and helps achieve the ultimate goal of 'safe surgery.' In addition, a clinical audit is conducted monthly to maintain a standard level of care and constantly improve the system.



Following conditions are dealt with/procedures are performed in the department. The surgery technique (open/ laparoscopic) is individualized according to the indication for surgery and medical and social factors.





Fundoplication for reflux disease

Transthoracic (Thoracoscopy assisted) esophagectomy

Myotomy for achalasia cardia

Transhiatal esophagectomy



Acquired tracheoesophageal fistula repair


Esophageal perforation


Colonic/ gastric pull up for corrosive strictures






Benign gastric outlet obstruction - gastrojejunostomy

Radical partial/ total gastrectomies for cancer

Corrosive strictures- resection/ gastrojejunostomy

Surgeries for GIST/ Neuroendocrine tumors










Pancreatic necrosectomy

Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple's procedure)

Frey's procedure

Distal pancreatico splenectomy

Enucleation/ segmental pancreatectomies for NET's

Surgical Ampullectomy 

Post ERCP complications

Total pancreatectomy

Pseudocyst drainage (cystogastrostomy/ cystojejunostomy)






Biliary stone disease

Radical cholecystectomy (Gall bladder cancer)

Choledochal cyst

Liver resection for primary liver tumors

Benign biliary strictures/ Bile duct injury

Extended resections (liver + bile ducts) for cholangiocarcinoma

Hepatolithiasis/ recurrent pyogenic cholangitis


Hydatid disease/ other biliary or liver cysts






Shunt surgeries for non-cirrhotic portal hypertension

Splenectomy for ITP/Thallessemia/ splenic cysts

Splenectomy for hypersplenism/ symptomatic splenomegaly


Gastroesophageal devascularization








Acute/ chronic mesenteric ischemia

Resection for Cancer/ NET/ GIST

Obscure GI bleed

Mucinous tumors of the appendix

Internal hernia/ intussusception


Crohn's disease








Restorative proctocolectomy and ileal pouch/ total colectomy (IBD/ FAP)

Anterior resection/ low and ultra-low anterior resection

Segmental colectomy

Inter sphincteric resection

Surgery for rectal prolapse

Abdominoperineal resection (APR)


Transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS)





Sleeve Gastrectomy

Roux- en- Y Gastric bypass

OPD Schedule:

Consultants Day of Week
Dr. Gourav Kaushal

General OPD:- Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Specialty Clinic:
Hepatobiliary and portal hypertension clinic: Monday
Pancreas clinic: Wednesday
Upper GI (Esophagus and stomach) Clinic: Friday



Title Principal Investigator Co Investigator Collaboration, if any (Department and institute) Funding Agency Projects Status

Expansion planned for the future:

Clinical Services:

  • Bariatric and metabolic surgery program
  • Liver Transplant program

Academics and teaching:

  • M.Ch in Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Post-doctoral fellowship in HPB Surgery