Department of Psychiatry

  1. Vision:Our vision is to provide state of art mental health care services to the community through means which encompass empathy, respect, compassion and active engagement. We aim at provision of mental health care with unsurpassed quality, up to date evidence-based, and latest innovations.
  2. Mission statement:To provide highest quality of innovative mental health care for our patients along with empowering them and their families/ caregivers to understand the challenges of mental health disorders and aim at improving their quality of lives.
  3. Services Available in the department:
    1. Outpatients department:
      1. General OPD:
        1. Which kinds of disorders are catered to in general OPD
          1. Mood Disorders (including- Mania/ Depression/ Bipolar Disorder/ Dysthymia/ Persistent Mood Disorders).
          2. Psychotic Disoders (including – Schizophrenia/ Brief Psychotic Disorder/ Delusional Disorder/ Schizo-affective Disorder/ Shared Psychosis).
          3. Anxiety Disorders (including – Phobias/ Panic Disorder/ Generalized Anxiety Disorder).
          4. Stress Related Disorders (including-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Acute Stress Reactions).
          5. Dissociative Disorders/ Conversion Disorder/ Somatoform Disorder/ Hypochondriasis.
          6. Eating Disorders (Bulimia / Anorexia).
          7. Sleep Disorders.
          8. Personality Disorders.
      2. Specialty Clinics/ services (Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic)

Schedule- day and consultant wise

Day of Week/time

Specialty Clinic

Consultant in charge

Tuesday & Friday

De-addiction Services

Dr. Jitender Aneja/Dr.  Bharat Udey


Geriatric Mental Health Clinic

Dr. Bharat Udey


Marital & Psychosexual Clinic

Dr. Jitender Aneja

Thursday (Afternoon)

Psychological Interventions (by appointments only)

Dr. Jitender Aneja/Dr.  Bharat Udey


Child Psychiatry Clinic

Dr. Jitender Aneja



    1. Procedures (Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic) offered by the department:
      1. Any special procedures which are done in department in OPD or IPD basis: Apart from the provision of general and specialty psychiatry services, we provide evidence-based and standardized psychotherapeutic services in form of counselling such as psychoeducation, supportive psychotherapy, hypnosis based therapies, cognitive therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapies for various disorders of childhood and adulthood, mindfulness based therapies, dialectic behavior therapy, couple therapy/marital counselling (including pre-marital counselling), psychoanalytical therapies which are uncommonly provided even at most of the premiere institutes in India. Shortly, we will be providing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy (TMS), trans-cranial direct current stimulation therapy (tDCS), bio-feedback relaxation and other modes of relaxation therapies.
      2. What are they aimed at?: The psychological therapies aim at provision of relief of psychological symptoms by means of cognitive and behavioral changes, while somatic therapies such as TMS, ECT, tDCS aim at provision of relief of mental health problems by their direct effect on brain areas which are implicated in the causation of psychiatric disorders.
      3. Psychological Assessment: The department will shortly introduce various psychological assessments to help in proper diagnosis as well as management of various childhood disorders as well as mental health problems in the adults and elderly.
      4. Photographs of the instruments during the procedure:


    1. Surgeries offered for the surgical departments: We also envision to start deep brain stimulation-based therapies such as DBS and VNS in foreseeable future.



  1. Research in the department:
    1. Facilities available for the research
      1. Brief description: The Department of Psychiatry will undertake research into the various aspects of addictive disorders, seasonal affective disorders (which are somehow more prevalent in this regions), various psychosomatic disorders, psychological aspects and biological markers of commonly observed disorders. In addition, with the establishment of a dedicated psychophysics laboratory, we will be able to research the influence of various brain areas in etiopathogenesis of a number of psychiatric disorders as well as their better management.
      2. Photographs of the instruments: As shown above (TMS, tDCS etc.)


  1. Expansion planned for the future:
    1. Clinical Services: We shall be starting the inpatient services within a year that will cater to a large number of patients of the Malwa region of Punjab as well as the cities of neighboring states of Haryana and Rajasthan. We will expand our de-addiction services by provision of specialized treatment for opioid abuse in form of opioid substitution therapy (OST). Also, we envision to provide rehabilitation services for the patients suffering from severe mental illnesses as well as children with intellectual disability and other severe mental health problems which require regular supervision and healthcare.
    2. Academics and teaching: Presently, the institute caters to only under-graduate students. But in near future, AIIMS, Bathinda and the Department of Psychiatry shall start post-graduate courses in psychiatry as well as master’s course in clinical psychology and some short-term fellowships to enhance the skills of mental health professional trainees. We also intend to collaborate with other premiere institutes in the country as well as certain international universities to enhance the clinical training, develop student exchange programs as well as build upon the research partnership. 
    3. Research: We aim to undertake research that shall be culturally sound and applicable. Newer innovations in provision of easily accessible and affordable mental health care will be an essential component of future research at our center.


Photo Name & Qualifications Designation Email
Dr. Jitender Aneja
M.B.B.S., M.D.
Associate Professor View Detail
Dr. Bharat Udey
M.B.B.S., M.D.
Assistant Professor View Detail
Dr. Jawahar Singh
Assistant Professor View Detail


OPD Schedule:

Consultants Day of Week
Dr. Jitender Aneja

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Dr. Bharat Udey

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr. Jawahar Singh

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday


Title Principal Investigator Co Investigator Collaboration, if any (Department and institute) Funding Agency Projects Status

Expansion planned for the future: